About Cassandra

Photographer, writer and collector of all things four legged and furry, Cassandra is at home in the great outdoors.  Her love affair with nature began as a child on horseback, along the back country roads and scenic trails of the Niagara Peninsula where she was born and raised.

Creative, passionate and driven to learn, Cassandra has undertaken the self mastery of many styles and techniques of photography from portraiture, landscape, commercial and wild life to other art forms such as creative and professional writing and photo blogging.

Highly active, athletic and an advocate for healthier lifestyles, Cassandra has recently joined the ranks of Personal Trainers with a focus on Functional Fitness. Geared towards avid Eco Tourists of all ages, Cassandra works alongside groups and individuals, not just to better their experience but their lives as well.

As an Adventure Expedition Interpretive Leader (2017), Cassandra leads educational and inspirational, expedition style tours that photographically explore wildlife, cultural practices and environmental impacts across Canada and abroad.

As a personal trainer, Cassandra is committed to promoting balanced health and physical fitness by establishing fit level programing prior to and during expedition (s) to ensure inclusive opportunities for people of all ages. For this reason she has developed the Expedition Fit program available to individuals and groups, in person and via Skype and video chat.